It has come to our attention that some people actually do get their news regarding football from sites (including yours truly) that focus on Super Bowl commercials. To which we say… hey, that’s cool. For those of you who didn’t yet know…


…interrupting all those inimitable ads on Sunday February 7th 2016 will be a Super Bowl football game played by the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers! Venerable quarterback Peyton Manning will lead his team, likely in his last shot at the championship game, against young Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (is 26 young in the NFL? Seems pretty young in general, at any rate).

Tune to CBS at 3:30 PM Eastern on 2/7/2016, and make sure you park your computer (or smart device thing) right here, because even if you miss a few commercials during the broadcast, we’re gonna catch ’em all. And yes that is a reference to Pokemon, which is airing its first-ever Super Bowl commercial this year.