Remember just a few years ago then “Buick” was shorthand for a big ol’ white car your dear ol’ grandma drove around the sun-drenched highways of southwestern Florida? Well the times have changed, baby, and Buick is BACK! Or… wait, no it never went anywhere. Um… OK so Buick is… COOL… again. Or at least they want to be.

And maybe this first ever Buick Super Bowl commercial during the 2016 Panthers vs. Broncos Big Game will have ’em appealing to a whole new generation of young, hip drivers! (By the way, why do you think your grandparents loved Buicks so much? Because once they were young hepcats driving cars that, in their day, were “in.” Things go in cycles, see? Except blue jeans. Those are always in.)

Yes, we mentioned this Buick ad a few weeks back, but now we have a bit more info. We can now tell you that the Buick Super Bowl commercial will feature New York Giant’s player Odell Beckham Jr. and actress/swimsuit and lingerie model Emily Ratajkowski:


We don’t have eyes on the ad yet, but here’s a pretty thorough review of the Buick Cascada, the car that will be featured in the Buick Super Bowl commercial: