Well, this is certainly an odd couple… apparently rapper Lil Wayne and revered Founding Father President George Washington are buddies. At least that’s the impression we get from this 15 second teaser for an Apartments.com Super Bowl commercial.

The minute-long spot is slotted to run during the second commercial break of Super Bowl 50, so if you want to figure out what led to the kinship between modern the hiphop star and the revered statesman, and also how the latter is, um, with us… then you’ll just have to tune to CBS on Super Bowl Sunday… or just stay here at www.superbowlcommercials.tv, because you know, for the record, we do post every Super Bowl commercial like… minutes after the air. Cool huh?


By the way, rumor has it the Apartments.com Super Bowl ad has a guest appearance from actor Jeff Goldblum, too. This just went from odd couple to unusual… eh… triumvirate? Sure, triumvirate. No wait! Tessellated trio! (Please don’t look up the word “tessellated” if you don’t know how out of place it is offhand; feel free to assume it is appropriate.)