Here’s a new approach to a Super Bowl commercial from Shock Top: genuine humor. No gimmicks, no over-the-top absurdism, no ultra high-profile cameos by actors, sports stars, or musicians.

No, in the Super Bowl 50 Shock Top commercial, comedian T.J. Miller and the Shock Top mascot (an orange with sunglasses… and an attitude!) exchange playful insults across a bar. The spot works because the jabs and jokes are actually funny, and because the ad makes contextual sense: it’s promoting a beer, and it is set in a bar where a man has just ordered said beer.

So enjoy “Unfiltered Talk” from Shock Top, then grab a beer (or some coffee or a muffin or whatever) and enjoy all the other ads during 2016’s Super Bowl 50! Except… you have to wait until Sunday February 7th for most of ’em.