With a price tag of more than $156,000, the Acura NSX is not going to be popping up in driveways everywhere when it goes on sale later this year. FYI you can’t even pre-order this mighty machine until the end of February even if you did want to shell out that hefty price tag.

But what the Acura NSX lacks in universal consumer accessibility, it makes up for in Van Halen music. Not that that actually makes any sense; it was just an entry point we identified. The 2016 Acura Super Bowl commercial touts the power and prestige of their NSX super car by letting Van Halen’s David Lee Roth make funny noises and with some slick guitar riffs. Is this going to be considered a classic Super Bowl commercial in years to come? Nope. But maybe it will inspire you to listen to “Runnin’ with Devil.” And hey, just in case, here ya go: