Would you place a pre-order for a brand new “Top Secret” Taco Bell menu item… without even knowing what the new food would be? That’s the question Taco Bell is asking all of us this Super Bowl season, albeit ideally with better phrasing than that.

If you pre-order this new “Mystery Food” (and that is their term, not ours, by the way — we’re actually not editorializing there) you can get it on Saturday, February 6th, the day before the Super Bowl, even though the new mysterious eat won’t be generally available until Monday the 8th, the day after the Big Game.

Those of us who don’t take part in the pre-order gamble will learn what the new food item from Taco Bell is during Super Bowl 50… or perhaps we can glean the information for ourselves from the three teasers!

We already showed you one Taco Bell Super Bowl teaser up above, now here’s one featuring a Texas Law Hawk…


And another featuring James Harden: