The Budweiser Clydesdale draft horses have been an icon of the beer brand since the year 1933, when they were debuted as part of Budweiser’s celebration of the end of the Prohibition Era. That’s an 82 year history. And as of 2016, the Clydesdales have been a part of Super Bowl advertising for 30 years, a pretty impressive run itself, and one that’s not going to end anytime soon.

Sure, everyone loves puppies…

…but move aside, pooch. This year, it’s all about those tried-and-true Clydesdales. Budweiser’s big Super Bowl 50 commercial will feature equine stars, not canine.

So far we have seen a 2016 Budweiser Super Bowl teaser, but we’re not yet sure what to expect from their Super Bowl 50 ad, other than a (likely) blend of inspiration and a touch of emotion. It’s a formula that works, right? Before we look forward to Super Bowl Sunday, let’s look back at a few past Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl commercials, starting with the first from 1986!

Ha ha! Why… what a great ad that still holds up perfectly today, right? Right… it’s pretty dated. Not to worry, there are plenty of others to watch, like this touching 9/11 tribute by the Bud Clydesdale team from 2011’s Super Bowl:

That’s a powerful spot, no two ways about it. Well done.

Let’s end this brief retrospective on a lighter note, with this Budweiser Clydesdale aspirational ad from Super Bowl XXXVIII: