Is Norm Macdonald out as The Colonel? Is KFC really going to replace this celebrated actor/comedian with a new man as their mascot? It certainly looks that way, but we’ll have to wait until 6:05 PM Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, February 7th to be sure.

That very specific time is the appointed, well, time KFC has chosen for its Super Bowl 50 pregame commercial during which we should learn if Mr. Macdonald is out as the Colonel and if a replacement has been named. Now, as this is a pregame time slot, the KFC ad is not technically a Super Bowl commercial, but there seems to have been some calculus there: the ad’s timing should leave just enough time for you to run out for a bucket of KFC chicken before kickoff, assuming the commercial has the desired effect.

Are you surprised that Norm is out? You shouldn’t be! Part of his shtick in the role has been that he is just a seat-warmer, and is in fact not the real Colonel. See?

Or wait is he? Is he kidding here or was he kidding there!?