Welcome to the Super Bowl, PayPal. And well done.

The PayPal Super Bowl 50 commercial is one of the best Big Game ads of 2016. At least, it’s one of the best of the ads that has thus far been released.

The PayPal commercial, titled “There’s New Money In Town,” uses quality photography (you can call film/video work “photography” by the way) snappy editing, and a pulsating, motivational soundtrack to make it clear that “new money” is here and it’s the way of the future. Sorry, cash. At least you’ll always have illegal back-alley transactions and political bribes.

As you may or may not know (and you may or may not care), PayPal was originally conceived and developed to work alongside online auction/retail giant eBay. In fact, the companies were one and the same for years. But no more! PayPal is now a separate entity, and their 2016 Super Bowl commercial is something of a coming out party for the company. Welcome to the Big Game, you delightful debutant.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go and make random online purchases.