Those of you who still don’t know the comedy stylings of Key & Peele (that’s the duo Keegan-Michael Key, the taller guy, and Jordan Peele, who we’re not calling short, he’s just not as tall as Key), then the teasers released ahead of the Key & Peele Squarspace Super Bowl commercial give a pretty good sense of their tone and energy.

These guys are veritable chameleons, masters of assuming new personas, and in the upcoming Squarespace Super Bowl ad they’ve become wacky futuristic sports casters with winning facial hair.

These gentlemen are quite funny, and to look at their (now wrapped) show, their upcoming film projects, and their entry into the world of Super Bowl commercials, it looks like they’re having a fun time themselves.

And let us not forget the fact that Mr. Key has stood beside President Barack Obama, speaking the man’s thoughts aloud for him in this Correspondent’s Dinner sketch: