Are there thousands of beers that offer more flavor than Bud Light? Yes. Are there many 2016 Big Game ads that are better than the Bud Light Super Bowl 50 commercial? No. And we’re calling it right now, this one will be in our top 5 even after every single Super Bowl 50 ad has been unveiled.

Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer star in this year’s Bud Light spot, in which they announce the formation of a new political party sure to end the divisive nature of American politics these days, because if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s raccoons — wait, no it’s beer!

Why is the Bud Light Super Bowl 50 commercial such as success? Well… it’s funny. Let’s count the jokes/humorous asides:

  • Random Paul Rudd Reference
  • Farmer Emoji Joke
  • Racoon/Beer Moment
  • Big Caucus Joke. Heh.
  • Independence Day speech homage
    Yep, that’s good comedy. Well done, Bud. But your beer still tastes like club soda.