And no, we don’t mean the iconic 1990s Cindy Crawford Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi, though this 2016 Big Game spot seems to be promoting the same beverage. (A beverage we imagine she likely eschews most of the time, by the way.) In a still image “leaked” from the still unreleased ad, we see Cindy Crawford, lithe and lovely as ever, together with James Corden who is… um… not… not as lithe.

Just take a look at the image, no need for us to editorialize. The point is that as Crawford knocks on the door of her 50th birthday, she still looks great. Er wait–she’s still a knockout, that’s what we should have said… ah… dammit. Anyway, let’s get on with it and show you the iconic 90s Pepsi Super Bowl commercial you’ve been thinking about instead of reading this witty copy anyway.