AB InBev revealed this past week that they would be featuring their new, higher alcohol version of Bud Light in a 2012 Super Bowl ad. The beer itself is set to launch January 30 after a series of nationwide tasting events on New Year’s eve. As Bud Light has parted ways with DDB, the advertiser for the 2011 Super Bowl’s series of commercials, it is unclear who will be creating the commercial for this new beverage.

Bud Light Platinum will reportedly replace Bud Light Golden Wheat, a brand that launched in 2009 with a complete buyout of national SNL commercial slots, but still has the distinction of being virtually unknown to anyone in the entire universe. Bud Light Platinum will feature a higher alcohol content and slightly higher caloric content than regular Bud Light, pushing all Americans more rapidly towards the national goal of becoming drunker and fatter than any other nation on Earth.