Remember earlier when we asked if the game airing on February 7th 2016 was Super Bowl 50 or The Hyundai Bowl? Well, it turns out it is indeed the Super Bowl. But there are still a hell of a lot of Hyundai ads running during this thing!

We’ve already seen Hyundai Super Bowl 50 ads starring Kevin Hart and Ryan Reynolds; now here’s a Hyundai Super Bowl spot ad that’s all about the car and its features. “The Chase” highlights the fact that you can turn on your next generation Hyundai Elantra by… yelling at it. Yep, you can instruct your car to turn on, and it will turn on. That’s useful whether you “talk start” your car while running away from hungry bears or simply leaning outside on a cold day when you’d rather not venture out before your Elantra is warm.