The Jeep Super Bowl 50 commercial hits you right in the America spot. Which is somewhere between the solar plexus and the red-blooded heart, by the way. It’s potent, touching, and… actually probably cost very little to produce. Which hey, if you can make a decent Super Bowl ad using nothing but a montage of black and white pictures? You go for it, Jeep.

And what a unique selection of pictures they chose, by the way! From images of soldiers to dinosaurs to Jeff Goldblum to an Inuit hunter? Again, hey, if it feels right, go for it. Yes, to be clear we are advising you to buy a Jeep.

Here’s a side bar with some trivia for ya: do you know where the name JEEP comes from? The first Jeeps were called simply General Purpose vehicles, or GPs. G… P… Jeep.