We hate to hate, we really do…

…but as professional Super Bowl commercial critics, sometimes we have to knuckle down and do the dirty work. The fact that several of the commercials from Super Bowl 50 pretty much sucked (to use the professional industry-accepted lexicon) makes this part of our job a lot easier.

To be a great Super Bowl commercial, an ad needs to be of high quality. This can come in the form of great photography, winning humor, or of a touching narrative. To be a bad Super Bowl commercial, a spot must be, well, like one of these uninspired, forgettable spots from the 2016 Super Bowl.

So here we go, folks, with our annual send-up of the Top 5 Worst Commercials of Super Bowl 50. These five ads lack the pizazz, the humor, and/or the one-two punch (AKA “quality”) that the prestige of appearing during a Super Bowl broadcast demands.

They… they suck. Sorry, but saying so comes with the job.

# 5 – “The Portrait” – from Skittles


# 4 – “Great Loans” – from SoFi


# 3 – “Robot Razors” – from Schick


# 2 – “New Truck to Love” – from Honda


# 1 – “What He Said” – from Acura