Going into each Super Bowl broadcast, one never knows which ads will amuse, which will annoy, and which will inspire. It’s also often hard to tell which Super Bowl commercials will be remembered long after their Big Game gas come and gone — many hilarious Super Bowl ads are soon forgotten after the laughter has died down, after all.

But every few years we see a commercial that achieves iconic status almost the moment it has first aired. The 2013 Super Bowl, which pitted the victorious Baltimore Ravens against the San Francisco 49ers, had such an ad. (Remember what was so unprecedented about the game, Super Bowl XLVII? Super Bowl 47 saw two brothers serving as head coach of the opposing teams. John and Jim Harbaugh led the respective franchises.)

The Dodge Ram 2013 Super Bowl commercial frequently referred to as simply “Farmer” is quite simply a powerful, moving ad. It used a speech by the late great radio broadcaster Paul Harvey laid over strikingly American images and resulted in one fine, memorable Super Bowl commercial.