Sometimes, only time will tell. And in this case, it has. Shortly after the conclusion of the 2016 Super Bowl 50 broadcast, few people would have guessed that the Mobile Strike commercial would prove to be the most popular ad of the year’s Big Game. In fact, we didn’t even put it on our own Top 5 Best Commercials of Super Bowl 50 list, to be honest. But if we accept the sheer number of views as the metric for popularity, then indeed that ad wins top honors. Why? Two simple words: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Mobile Strike Super Bowl commercial saw the former governor (and past and present action movie star) at his best, using both humor and physicality in a high concept, action-packed minute long spot. Amazing that a Super Bowl commercial advertising a product that can be downloaded for free ended up being the most popular spot of Super Bowl 50, but again… Arnold Schwarzenegger. (He seems to be getting rather comfortable appearing in Super Bowl commercials these days, doesn’t he?)