Houston, Texas is often known as “Space City.” Think about it: “Houston, we have a problem.” NASA controls many of its missions from, well, Mission Control there in Houston, and come 2017, they will have some new astronauts to take care of: football fans! This will sort of make sense, bear with us here. Working in tandem with the folks from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Houston Super Bowl Committee has established a truly one-of-a-kind ride experience. The ride, named Future Flight, will strap people in for a trip ninety feet into the air (followed by a precipitous ninety foot drop, of course). But those aboard Future Flight will be wearing virtual reality glasses that take them far away from Houston and off on a trip to Mars.

After (virtually) circling around the Red Planet for a time, Future Flight riders will descend back to earth, (virtually) landing right on the field of Houston’s NRG Stadium, the site of Super Bowl 50. So there’s the tie-in with the Super Bowl, as tenuous as it might be. But hey, anything that manages to cross promote space exploration and football is cool with us.