Move over, Willy Wonka (the new Johnny Depp Wonka, not the peerless Wonka played by the late great Gene Wilder, of course) because Budweiser just one-upped you. Starting in late November, the company began stocking store shelves with specially marked packs of beer carrying the words “STRIKE GOLD” and images of a golden beer can in among the rows of blue cans. There are to be 37,000 golden cans out there in all, and should you find one, you should immediately post an image of yourself with the can to your preferred social media platform. (Make sure to use the hashtags #SBTix4Life and #Sweeps when you do so.)

From the many people that post pictures, Budweiser will randomly choose one person to get a pair of Super Bowl tickets to every game for the rest of their lives (provided they don’t live more than 51 more years, because that’s the other cutoff here). So actually… your odds of winning tickets tickets are pretty damn small. First you need to find a golden can (and you need to know what to do with said can) which is unlikely, and then you need to get picked out of tens of thousands of people. Which is unlikely. But hey, someone’s gotta find that winning golden ticket. Er… beer can.