At first blush, it seems a bit ironic to spend five million dollars on a commercial for a beer that costs about eighteen dollars for a thirty pack. But that’s precisely what Anheuser-Busch InBev is going to do during Super Bowl LI. That’s right, Busch Beer is finally getting a Super Bowl commercial. First released in 1955 (then called Busch Bavarian Beer), the brew is the second most popular product the company sells after good ol regular Budweiser. And while that might lead one to think the potential market for the beer is already saturated, so to speak, perhaps the company appreciates the apparent sea change that has come to America in general right now.
The Busch Super Bowl commercial will likely preserve the essentially anti-intellectual approach taken in one of their 2016 Budweiser Big Game ads. Watch out for a celebration of the blue collar life, as it were, for Busch, a sub-premium beer brewed largely using corn instead of grain, is generally marketed toward consumers hailing from that category. Or maybe they’ll go for humor, but we doubt it. (Unless it comes at the expense of a bespectacled professorial type.)