And we’re glad to have ‘em. Why? Because Wix is a fantastically easy-to-use website building platform that more people should know about it. Let us get up on the soapbox for a moment here, if you will. Most Super Bowl commercials are aired by huge, established brands that don’t really expect to find a first time audience — few to none are the people watching a Super Bowl commercial break who suddenly say: “Hey, what’s this Coca-Cola stuff?” or “Huh, so Kia is selling cars in America now, are they?” The Big Game ads almost seem, at times, to be aired by a coterie of back-slapping colleagues who run Super Bowl ads not because they want more business, but simply because they can readily afford to do so.

With a Super Bowl commercial, you get the sense that these guys genuinely want to attract more business by introducing their platform (i.e. their product) to potential new clients. They are actually using this precious airtime in the way it should be used, e.g. And also, truth be told, we were rather taken with the 2015 Wix Super Bowl ad and have been on their side ever since.

Their 2016 ad cleverly blended a football theme (it is a football game, after all, the whole Super Bowl thing) with clear information about how the service works. And the ad was actually amusing, which is always refreshing. There are few things more cringeworthy than an ad that tries to be funny and fails… with more than a hundred million people watching.