We already knew that the decade-long Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest ended with 2016’s Super Bowl 50. And that was sad news indeed, both for hordes of aspiring filmmakers (well, commercial makers, at any rate) as well as for the millions of viewers who were treated to some truly excellent advertising over the years. The nature of the project made from reliably good ads winning air time, as they were selected from among hundreds of spots by thousands of votes (as opposed to being chosen by a few stodgy ad executives).

What comes as something of a shock, however, is news that Frito-Lay, parent company of the Doritos brand (and of many other salty, savory snacks like Ruffles, Corn Chips, and more) is sitting out of the 2017 Super Bowl entirely. That’s right, not only has the brand ended their extremely high profile democratizing ad initiative, but they have ended all Big Game advertising, period. So… did the company meet all its aims with its long-running Crash the Super Bowl program and decide to move on? Or was their foray into Super Bowl commercial broadcasts ultimately a disappointment and they have let it go?

Our guess is that you’ll see them back for the 2018 Super Bowl in some capacity or another once the brand comes to its senses. Because come on, guys: Doritos and the Super Bowl just belong together now.