has to have one of the most interesting Super Bowl commercial stories to tell. Years of sexy ads featuring racecar driving temptress Danica Patrick, scandal after the 2015 GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial featuring a “puppy mill,” got pulled out of the Big Game’s lineup, walking six miles uphill both ways through driving snow just to get to the schoolhouse every day… it’s been quite a journey alright!

GoDaddy ran Super Bowl commercials for more than a decade, then they sat out the 2016 Big Game in the wake of the aforementioned puppy commercial scandal.

We’re pleased to learn that the heretofore perennial Super Bowl advertiser is coming back for 2017’s Super Bowl LI. Not because we much cared for their standard “sex sells” approach of the earlier days, or that we found much of their crass humor all that humorous in more recent years.

It’s the simple fact that, once a brand has run Super Bowl commercials for long enough, the Big Game broadcast just feels a bit empty without them.

As for the creative content of the 2017 GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial, all we know at present is that it will acknowledge the “cultural and commercial power of the internet,” as said their CMO Barb Rechterman. Our guess? The brand is going to showcase an easy website building platform much like that of or Just a guess…