Well watch out Budweiser, you’ve got some competition headed your way during 2017’s Super Bowl Sunday, and it’s not from Miller Lite! (Which is no surprise, as Anheuser-Busch InBev of course owns exclusive Super Bowl beer advertising rights.) Super Bowl 51 will be the first Big Game in more than three decades that features a commercial for a wine! That’s right, internationally celebrated budget wine brand Yellowtail will air a commercial on Fox on Sunday, February 5th, being the first winemaker to do so since Orson Welles hoisted a glass of Paul Masson back in the 1980s.

Now, for the record, we’re not yet sure if Yellowtail is airing an actual Super Bowl commercial, meaning one that runs during the actual broadcast of the game, or if they are simply running an ad during Super Bowl Sunday.

Ads not run during the game cost less, are seen by fewer people, but still get a much larger share of the audience than can be hoped for on just about any other given Sunday. So regardless of its airtime, the fact that there will be wine commercial on Super Bowl Sunday at all is pretty big news.

And side bar, if you liked that Orson Welles spot, just try the outtakes from another commercial from the same campaign. Drink the stuff after the martini shot, folks…