It seems that selling vitamins, protein powders, and various other supplements is a booming business, at least if General Nutrition Center’s surprise announcement of a 2017 Super Bowl commercial has anything to say about it. This thirty-second, five million dollar (plus production value, of course) spot from GNC will be a first for the well-established brand, which has been in fact been in business since the 1930s.

What started as a healthfood shop in Pittsburgh in 1935 grew into a company with annual revenues topping the 2.5 billion dollar mark.

What will they do with the 0.002% of their annual revenue that they spend on their Super Bowl 50 commercial? GNC can be pretty edgy, so we’re excited to see. They are going through a huge re-branding period right now, and what better place to put your new foot forward than during the Big Game broadcast!