Remember that stirring ad for the highly caffeinated Death Wish Coffee from 2016’s Super Bowl 50 broadcast? The one called “Storm’s a-Brewin’” with a crew of vikings rowing their longship right into the jowls of a man getting ready for a day of work?

Well, you won’t see anything like that during the 2017 Super Bowl, we’re sorry to see. That’s because that ad was created by and for a small business, one that would never normally have the millions of dollars for a Super Bowl ad. They got their spot shown during the Super Bowl thanks to the annual Small Business Big Game contest sponsored by Intuit QuickBooks. But this year, there is no such contest. And we’re not holding our breath for it to come back in later years, either, which is a shame because the program saw some great ads over its brief run, including this 2014 spot for Goldie Blox: