Anyone who lived on a college campus during the past fifteen or so years surely has an intimate acquaintance with the product known as Febreeze. Well, come February 5th, 2017, AKA Super Bowl Sunday, about a hundred million more people will come to know this Procter & Gamble household odor eliminating product.

Febreeze is designed to be sprayed on everything from carpets to couches to clothing — anything made of fabric (the name comes from blending the words “fabric” and “breeze,” in fact) can benefit from a deodorizing spritz or ten of this vehicle for hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin. Thus it’s a good bet that many of those watching Super Bowl 51 will benefit greatly from Febreeze thanks to the voluminous amounts of beer, melted cheese, and pizza grease sure to be soaking into and stinking up the many interior surfaces of their homes during the game.

We have no word yet on the creative angle the first-ever Febreeze Super Bowl commercial will take, but based on some of the past ads created around the product, we’re guessing comedy will be the approach.