For many years, it seemed like an Audi Super Bowl Commercial was just a fact of life. The carmaker ran commercials in every game for seven years, and then suddenly they disappeared in 2015, leaving us to watch the New England Patriots narrowly defeat the Seattle Seahawks without one mention of an A4 this or a R8 that.

But then for 2016’s Super Bowl 50, Audi was back in a major way. They ran a powerful commercial made all the more touching by the January 2016 death of the luminous David Bowie, whose song “Starman” provided the soundtrack for the 2016 Audi Super Bowl ad “Commander.”

Audi has announced it will be back with a Super Bowl LI spot, and we’re glad to know they will be running their eighth ad in nine years coming off of such a strong performance in Super Bowl 50. No word on the creative direction or content yet, but we’re certainly optimistic.