While seeing yet another Budweiser Super Bowl commercial this or Toyota Big Game ad that is fine and good, we’re always excited when a brand new advertiser joins the lineup of the Super Bowl commercial broadcast. And this year, Super Bowl 51 is going to see a few of those. One that we’re most excited about comes from the very American company 84 Lumber.

Founded in 1956 in an unincorporated area of Pennsylvania simply called “Eighty Four, PA,” the company has grown into a multi-billion dollar brand with thousands of employees. Clearly they’re pretty big, right? They are running a multi-million dollar Super Bowl ad. One of the coolest things about the 84 Lumber Super Bowl commercial is not only that its initial creative was rejected by Fox because it made a politically-charged reference to a border wall, but is the fact that the ad is (or so we hear) not primarily intended to sell products, but rather to attract new employees to the still-growing corporation.

Now… that “rejected” spot may have been yet another in a long line of attempts to garner extra interest by submitting an ad the brand new would be rejected, but either way we’re still excited here: these guys are definitely going big. The 84 Lumber Super Bowl ad is no mere 30-second flash in the pan, but rather a 90-second miniature epic.