If you lived in a decent number of DMAs (that’s Distinct Market Areas to the marketing/advertising types, FYI) in 2016, chances are good that you think you’ve already seen a Bai Brands Super Bowl commercial. See, the company ran a Super Bowl 50 commercial in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, which offered it a huge combined share of 2016 Super Bowl viewers, but is still technically a local ad buy, thus not technically a Super Bowl commercial.

What the ad lacked in logic, it made up for by being pretty awesome. So, are we excited for what a national “official” Bai Brands Super Bowl commercial with Justin Timberlake is going to look like? Yes. Yes we are. Mr. Timberlake is no stranger to fine comedy, and has proven willing to be self-effacing and to embrace a joke 100% (Saturday Night Live fans will know what we mean).

The 2017 Bai Brands Super Bowl ad sees Justin Timberlake stepping in as the company’s “Chief Flavor Officer.” We won’t know exactly what that entails until February 5th, Super Bowl Sunday. What we know now, though, is that it’s almost surely going to be awesome.