Well… well…. well… hello again, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Why, if this isn’t the NINTH TIME the Patriots have been in the Big Game. That’s nine out of fifty-one Super Bowls, which is about equal to showing up in 18% of the Super Bowl contests of the past half century. Which, considering there are 32 NFL teams, is pretty amazing. Now go ahead, ask how many Super Bowls have the Patriots won. The answer is four. So as for what team has won the most Super Bowls, that honor goes to the stories Pittsburgh Steelers, who have won six Big game victories.

Also appearing in Super Bowl 51 will be the Atlanta Falcons, who have been to the Big Game only once before, in 1999, when they lost to the Denver Broncos. (For those of us for whom 1999 does not sound like it was that long ago, some context: the 1999 Super Bowl XXXIII halftime show featured Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Gloria Estefan, and Stevie Wonder. Yeah.) Take note, though, those of you who automatically assume the Patriots will win Super Bowl 51: The Falcons led the NFL in points scored during the 2016 season, racking up 540 points in total. (Who holds the NFL’s all time point scoring record for a season? Well… The New England Patriots, who racked up 589 points during their sixteen-game undefeated winning streak in 2007.)

Super Bowl 51, AKA Super Bowl LI, kicks off at 6:30 PM Eastern Time on Sunday, February 5th.