February 5th, Super Bowl Sunday, just might be the first time many people have heard of the new “premium-priced” (AKA expensive AKA overpriced) bottled water brand Lifewtr, but it likely won’t be the last time you hear tell of this new commoditized H20. That’s because Lifewtr is the PepsiCo response to rival beverage giant Coca-Cola’s Smartwater brand of bottled water, and Pepsi seems ready to spend big bucks behind a marketing push for their… wtr. (Why brands feel that misspelling words appeals to us consumers, we’ll nvr undrstnd.)

Lifewtr is slated for sale in two different bottle sizes, a 700 ml bottle for just over two bucks and a liter-sized serving for closer to three. (Note that the average cost of the fresh and — in most places except for maybe Flint, Michigan — safe water that flows from your tap costs about $1.50 per THOUSAND GALLONS.) But the striking thing about the product isn’t the water inside, essentially meaningless claims about pH balance and electrolytes aside; it’s the artwork on the labels, which is being created by up and coming new visual artists and which is, on the whole, actually pretty attractive and impressive work.

The 2017 Lifewtr Super Bowl ad’s creative direction was inspired by this art, and is going to show a whole city transformed into a tapestry of “bright, colorful art.” We’re willing to be the ad will be visually beautiful, but we’re not sure we’re going to shell out close to three bucks for what is basically just filtered water. Well… maybe if we’re really thirsty some time.