By the time 2017’s Super Bowl LI actually kicks off, it’s entirely likely that we will have seen many of the year’s Super Bowl ads already. Brands have been releasing their ads early online for several years now, and why shouldn’t they? Anyone who sees a Super Bowl commercial early on the web and then sees it again on game day gets twice as strong an impression from the ad, and those who first see Big Game spots on Super Bowl Sunday aren’t likely to care that other people have already watched it.

Some brands choose not to simply “air” their Super Bowl ads online early, but instead take the extra step of creating a separate teaser. We like this approach for two reasons: first, it means more (usually) quality content created, and second because advertisers tend to be more edgy and off-color in their teasers than in the actual Super Bowl commercials. Which makes sense, as the audience that actively seeks out content online is not the same audience that sits back with a bowl of chips on game day. (There’s crossover, sure, but it’s far from complete.)

The 2017 Super Bowl is shaping up to be no exception to the early ad release and cheeky trailer business. And thanks to us, you don’t have to scour the web searching out those weird and wonderful teasers; we already did that for you. And they’re right here.

TurboTax is going to air a hefty 45 second Super Bowl 51 commercial, and en route to that big game day ad, they have run a few fine online teasers starring celebrities like DJ Khaled and Kathy Bates. They also released one ad online and aired it during a football game. We submit to you… Humpty Fall. Pretty funny, pretty gross.

Up next we have epic 2017 Super Bowl commercial starring Jason Statham. This may actually just be the extended cut of the ad they will run, or it may be intended to hook us into an ad with different content — we’ll see on game day.

From Avocados from Mexico, on the other hand, comes a true teaser. This odd, intriguing spot features Jon Lovitz swirling about over a hypnotic green background while extolling the virtues of the avocado. This is surely not their Super Bowl 51 ad, but it certainly has our attention. AKA… it’s a success.

Finally (for today) we have a teaser from one of our favorite Super Bowl advertisers, Snickers! These guys produce great ads year after year thanks to their brilliant “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign, and we’re confident the 2017 Snickers Big Game ad won’t disappoint. Just look at the effort they have put into their teaser spots, right?