Buick is back, baby! To be fair, this venerable brand (that is today a division of powerhouse automaker General Motors) was founded way back in 1899, making it in fact the oldest American auto brand still in existence, and it never really went anywhere… other than out of fashion. For years, Buicks were generally seen as stodgy vehicles designed for an older, conservative crowd.

But no more! As the 2016 Buick Super Bowl commercial made clear, that stodgy old guy car? “That’s not a Buick!” No, the “new” Buick is hip and young, with attitude and horsepower and sleek, sexy lines and able to attract the eye of hip, sexy young people.

The 2017 Buick Super Bowl LI ad is going to use the same premise of bucking perceptions of Buick. We’re not sure what exact creative direction the ad will take yet, but we do know that apparently NFL quarterback Cam Newton and model Miranda Kerr will be appearing in the spot. So… basically the same as last year, then Buick? Isn’t that whole “same old” thing exactly what you’re trying to avoid?