Have you ever heard of the slightly oddly named haircare brand It’s a 10? No? Neither had we. And in a rather informal survey we conducted of those nearby us in the course of an average day, neither have a lot of people. But that’s all the more reason for this upscale salon-style hair product company to reach out to an audience of millions on Super Bowl Sunday.

It’s a 10 has actually been around for a while, but they cater mostly to salons and stylists and have made products tailored almost exclusively for women. But no more: the brand is moving into men’s products with their new He’s a 10 line, and the It’s a 10 Super Bowl commercial is going to be pushing this new “men’s miracle haircare” product line in a major way. (The “miracle” thing is, of course, their phrasing, not ours — we’re always 100% objective here, as you know, even when we’re talking about stupid things like the Anti-Vaxxer movement.)

We’re not sure if they’ll try to be funny, cute, sexy, or educational, but we’re confident that the brand won’t go with, say… the existential approach.