For those of you who have been among our readers for a few years now, you might recall that we have been pretty hard on various Super Bowl car commercials from past years. That Acura NSX “What He Said” ad from 2016, for example, was annoying. And the “Wish Granted” RAV4 ad with Kaley Cuoco from 2013? Attempted humor at its worst, people!

The Super Bowl car ad is a hallowed tradition, and automakers that release poor commercials on Super Bowl Sunday (or pre-release them, these days) don’t deserve quarter. So we’re glad to say that Lexus didn’t blow it this year. The 2017 Lexus Super Bowl commercial features the hypnotic dancing of Lil’ Buck and multiple glamour shots of the Lexus LC 500 sportscar with a compelling song by Sia called “Move Your Body” as its soundtrack.

Titled “Man and Machine,” the Super Bowl 51 Lexus ad just works; it makes sense comparing the grace and power of the dancer with the aggressive yet refined vehicle. Enjoy the extended cut here, and watch out for a trimmed 30 second version during Super Bowl 51 as the New England Patriots battle the Atlanta Falcons for a year’s worth of bragging rights. (Here’s the only catch: the likely retail price of the LC will be about a hundred thousand dollars.)