The perceptive Super Bowl commercial viewers among you have surely noticed a trend in Super Bowl Beer ads over the past few years, namely that they have all featured beers owned by brewing juggernaut Anheuser-Busch InBev. The company (AB InBev was formed by the merger of the parent companies of huge beer brands like Budweiser, Stella, and Corona, to name but a few) has exclusive beer advertising rights to the Super Bowl broadcast.

This year, AB InBev is going to run three entire minutes of Super Bowl beer commercial content. (No, that won’t cost the company $30 million — they get a break on their pricing.) Perhaps most exciting out of their several brew ads is the new Bud Light Super Bowl commercial.

Bud Light is done with its middling “Bud Light Party” and “Raise One to Right Now” campaigns with a new approach using the tagline “Famous Among Friends.” (Which, if those friends are in high school and have a fake ID, it sure is!) This minute-long ad they have put together is… well, alright, it’s charming. Enjoy!