Doritos has raised the stakes with this year’s Crash The Super Bowl contest, the brilliant marketing campaign where they get millions of people to do their advertising work for them in exchange for a chance at seeing their commercial air during the big game. They have thankfully chosen to leave Pepsi out of the mix this time around.

This year they’re calling it the “Hollywood Edition”. You can not only win the chance to see your spot air during Super Bowl XLVI, but you could win $1,000,000 and a chance to work on a “future Doritos project” with help from The Lonely Island team  (SNL’s Andy Samberg and… some other people, I’m sure).

Every year, the Crash The Super Bowl contest features dozens of brilliant and almost-brilliant commercials for Doritos, though it’s practically a lock that none of those will actually win. Once the finalists are determined it’s actually fairly easy to spot the eventual winner or winners: just identify the entry with the least imagination or innovation.

Submissions close on November 21, so if you haven’t started shooting yet you may have waited too long. We were going to post one here from the current crop of submissions, but we watched a few and decided not to subject you to any of them. Best we just wait until the finalists are announced, ‘kay?