Apparently the all-American brand WeatherTech still likes what its USA-themed Super Bowl commercials are doing for its bottom line, because they are back with another ad for Super Bowl 51. This will mark the brand’s fourth Big Game commercial in a row, which begins to earn them the title of Super Bowl regular in our book. (One more ad and they’re in the club.)

While we have not seen the creative content for the 2017 WeatherTech Super Bowl commercial, by doing a bit of detective work (also known as re-watching the 2014, 2015, and 2016 WeatherTech Super Bowl commercials) we think we know what approach they will take. And what a time for an America First-spirited brand and ad, right? OK, we’ll leave the politics at that, and instead show you the past WeatherTech Super Bowl ads that surely shed some light on the angle this year’s spot will take.

First the WeatherTech’s first-ever Super Bowl ad from 2014:

Then check out their sophomore spot from 2015: