We can’t show you the actual 2017 Wonderful Pistachios Super Bowl commercial yet, as it seems that the nutty brand (ha…) is one of the few companies saving its Super Bowl spot for actual Super Bowl Sunday release.

But we can show you a few commercials that will give you a sense of their sense of humor. For this Super Bowl 51 Wonderful Pistachios commercial will be yet another in their campaign featuring Ernie the Elephant, a character voiced by WWE wrestling star John Cena. Here are a couple spots from that series:

And here is Ernie after a wild party:

So, given the humorous approach Wonderful Pistachios is clearly taking these days, and given their decidedly odd Super Bowl commercials in the past — the 2014 Stephen Colbert ads — we’re confident it’s only going to get weirder during Super Bowl LI’s 15-second ad.