This one is hot off the presses, people! Which is ironic, given the creative angle of the commercial. More on that in a moment.

Wendy’s fast food restaurant has been around for almost half a century (it turns 50 in 2019) and has more than 6,500 locations with a presence on four continents. Yet the 2017 Wendy’s Super Bowl commercial marks their first-ever Big Game ad.

And in their Super Bowl LI ad Wendy’s has decided to go negative, accusing the folks at the phony fast food chain Othr Guyz of using inferior frozen beef patties (apparently thawed with a hair dryer) and then proclaiming they always use fresh beef. Which is great, we like fresh beef.

And frankly in this day and age, attacking other brands, especially when doing so without explicitly naming them, is nothing new and nothing shocking.

We’re just a bit let down that this venerable brand — a restaurant that has some stuff truly worth celebrating, such as their delicious Frosty — makes its first foray in Super Bowl advertising with an ad that’s just not that inspired or interesting. (Yes, in case you’re wondering we do miss Dave Thomas.)