Did you know that acclaimed actor John Malkovich has a passion that’s far removed from the silver screen? In fact, it has more to do with screen printing. And stitches. And fabrics. And so forth.

That’s right, Mr. Malkovich is a daring and accomplished fashion designer, and on Super Bowl Sunday, about a hundred million people are going to know about it thanks to the 2017 Squarespace Super Bowl commercial in which he stars, which is titled “Make Your Next Move.”

So wait… he wants to move from acting to fashion design, but is he acting in the Squarespace Super Bowl commercial about his fashion label and its website? Or just acting as himself as a fashion designer? Things tend to get meta very quickly when John Malkovich is involved, don’t they?

In case you are interested, here’s a longer spot Squarespace and Malkovich put together that will shed a bit more light on his new pursuit.