First things first, well done, Sprint, on an amusing Super Bowl LI commercial, which is simply titled “Car.” The premise is funny, because destroying a multi-thousand dollar car to fake a death due to a hated cell phone contract (that likely costs less than a thousand dollars a year) is, in fact, a terrible idea.

Second, this marks the second Sprint Super Bowl commercial in three years, and is yet another ad in which the cellular services provider takes direct aim at their competition. The 2015 Sprint Super Bowl ad was an “apology” to Verizon and Sprint that made it clear how much better a deal Sprint offered its customers.

Third, isn’t it still really, really weird to see Paul Macarelli, the guy who asked “Can you hear me now?” all those times on behalf of Verizon, suddenly shilling for another wireless services brand? It’s like Babe Ruth playing for the Red Sox or Robert E. Lee at the head of a Union Army. Or… well, sort of, anyway. It’s just weird!