We hope you enjoyed that amusing teaser for the 2017 Snickers Super Bowl commercial, because until the third quarter of Super Bowl 51, there’s no possible way we can show you the actual ad. And that’s not because Mars Inc.’s advertising agency (Omnicon BBDO, if you were wondering) is keeping the spot under such tight wraps, but is because in fact they have not even recorded their Snickers Super Bowl ad yet.

They won’t actually record the ad at all right up until the very moment we all see it on February 5th: that’s right, the 2017 Snickers Super Bowl commercial is being filmed live.

Live commercials were common a few generations back, with TV hosts pausing a broadcast to shill for a shaving cream or detergent or whatnot. Today, live programming is making a comeback as people tune in largely to see what goes wrong during the process. (Not that they hope there are mistakes… right?)

The live Snickers Super Bowl 51 ad will star actor Adam Driver and, or so we are told, other less-famous actors and some stunt horses. Good luck, Snickers! The world will be watching… live! Or at least a small percent of the world population, at any rate.