It’s nice to see so many people enjoying something together, isn’t it? The Super Bowl 51 Skittles ad shows a family spending some time on the couch enjoying sweet and tangy Skittles candy together.

We see a daughter (evidently named Katie), a mom, a dad, and even a grandma all taking turns gobbling up the small, succulent candies in question. Then we also see a masked burglar enjoy some Skittles, followed by a police officer, followed by… a beaver.

By now Skittles has pretty much cemented its reputation as a brand that runs weird commercials, and especially during the Super Bowl broadcast. There was the rather off-putting ad with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and a singing portrait made of Skittles, and there was the one with the town filled with people who apparently arm wrestle to solve everything and anything.

We like the 2017 Super Bowl commercial because, unlike many of the brand’s ads, at least it actually shows people eating the damn candy.