Did you enjoy that GNC ad? Great, because the web is the only place you’ll be seeing it any time soon.

In a stunning, nearly last-minute upheaval, the commercial GNC (General Nutrition Centers) was going to run during the 2017 Super Bowl, which is titled “Beyond Raw,” has been pulled from Fox’s February 5th Big Game broadcast due to objections from the NFL. It seems that a few of the products GNC offers have ingredients banned from professional football, and the apparent conflict could only be resolved by striking the ad entirely.

This is a tough break for GNC, as their commercial in Super Bowl 51 was to be the company’s first-ever Big Game ad. On the other hand, they probably get all of their five million dollars back and also get to enjoy the profile-boost that always comes with being banned from the Super Bowl.

And for once, it seems like this company actually intended to air this ad and didn’t make a spot they know would be prohibited just to cravenly capitalize on the sensation thereby caused. Yes, Sodastream, we’re looking at you… we all know this one was always designed to be blocked. Cheap shot, guys.