The 2017 T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial works primarily for one reason, and one reason only: it showcases Justin Bieber making fun of himself. Love Bieber, hate him like the plague, or have really no opinion whatsoever on this pale-skinned 22-year-old Canadian male, he busts out some comically bad dance moves at the end of this ad, and we respect him for being self-effacing in front of an audience of tens of millions during the Super Bowl broadcast.

Football fans will be more interested in seeing the temporarily-injured New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski (AKA Gronk) dressed like a caveman and/or retired legendary wide receiver Terrell Owens doing a classic end zone performance. And everyone can appreciate that sassy young lady who can dance better than all of them put together.

As for what the T-Mobile Super Bowl LI ad is actually talking about, it’s something with contracts and limits or minutes or something.