Who knew that muscle-bound WWE star John Cena was such a great voice actor? Or, right, everyone who has seen all of the ads he has already done for Wonderful Pistachios voicing their mascot Ernie the Elephant. In the 2017 Wonderful Pistachios Super Bowl commercial, called “Ernie Gets Physical,” Cena’s Elephantidae doppelganger is seen running on a treadmill extolling the protein-rich virtues of pistachios. Then he falls over.

That’s it; the Wonderful Pistachios Super Bowl 51 commercial is all of 15 seconds long, and yes, really all that happens is the elephant talks about the nuts then falls over on a treadmill. But with an amusing “AAAUUUUGH!” John Cena has managed to make this extremely simply Super Bowl spot charming and re-watchable, too.