If you’re going to be typecast, you might as well be typecast as a guy who kicks ass every time he is on screen. And that’s pretty much what Jason Statham does: even in the 2017 Wix Super Bowl commercial, he and Gal Gadot get the chance to beat the hell out of a bunch of people while a heedless restaurant employee casually creates a “stunning website” despite all the commotion.

The premise of the Wix Super Bowl ad is clear enough, right? Wix is so easy to use you can create a website in spite of all of life’s distractions.

But in practice, who really cares about the premise of this Super Bowl LI commercial when Statham is delivering multiple sidekicks? They might as well have just shown a clip of Transporter 2 and then had a guy with a megaphone yell WIX a few times.